Keep up with appointments and plan travel seamlessly with intelligent scheduling


With Routes AI´s new route planning capabilities, you will never run into closed doors and be able to accommodate visits into your tight schedule.

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Boost your sales visits & field operations

Save time on planning and travel

Optimization with Routes AI takes into account opening hours and fixed appointments. It will automatically plan your visits for time slots when the customer is available.

Routes AI calculates the fastest route you can take. This will help you spend less fuel, reduce travel time to minimum and cut costs. 

Cut fuel and wear-and-tear costs

When calculating routes, Routes AI considers not only distance, but also traffic. This way you´ll spend less time in traffic jams and visit more customers during the day.

Visit more customers in less time

Customizable & user-friendly

Configure opening hours to schedule appointments only when customers are available

Mark appointments as fixed to keep them in their original time slot during optimization

Get notified when the schedule is overbooked, and select whether to keep the extra appointments or move them to another day

Adjust the plan in real time if running late

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Now available as additional functionality of Route Planner in Resco app 

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